Things You Should Know About CBD Oil and Arthritis Pain


While cannabis oil has gained significant popularity over the last couple of years, most people are still unaware of it. For the uninitiated, CBD is a crucial compound that is present in the cannabis or hemp plant. As opposed to THC, another cannabinoid which is found inside the cannabis plant, CBD is not at all intoxicating. However, in some users, it can generate mild amount of drowsiness. The CBD that is infused in most medical products is generally taken out from the hemp plant as it contains only a trace amount of THC, the psychoactive compound that generates a high feeling.

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Now that you know the basic facts about CBD, you should understand that it works wonders to reduce the pain of the people suffering from terminal diseases like cancer. To understand whether it can reduce your arthritis pain, you should read the following section of this article.

Does CBD Work ON Arthritis?

The studies done on animals suggested that CBD has a pain-relieving capacity. These studies have also indicated that CBD can reduce the inflammation caused by the pain as well as other factors associated with pain. However, these effects have not been validated in the quality studies conducted on humans. Anecdotally, some people suffering from arthritis reported noticeable pain relief after consuming cannabis oil.

Is CBD Safe to Use?

The research that is evaluating the safety of CBD is going on. Right now, very little information about the effects of CBD is known to the researchers. So far, the doctors or the researchers have not found any safety concerns associated with moderate doses of CBD. However, The researchers think that CBD oil has the potential to interact with some common drugs that are generally taken by people suffering from arthritis.

So, it is better if you get in touch with your doctor before using CBD oil as a supplement. The doctor is the best person to decide whether any of the medicines you take will interact with cannabis oil.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

The products that contain less than 0.3 percent of THC are not considered illegal. However, products like CBD oil are still in the grey zone. The legal changes on the federal and state level are ongoing to define the regulations and the laws related to the CBD products better.

Saying that, the laws regarding the CBD products are different for every state. So, before buying the products, you should check the law of your state first to make sure you are not on the wrong side of it.

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Should You Give It a Try?

Without ample studies and research that provides empirical data, the doctors are in the dark about the effectiveness of CBD oil on the patients. However, there are several points on which the doctors agree with each other.

  • CBD is not a substitute for traditional medicines for inflammatory arthritis.
  • Patients should talk to their doctors first before starting on the CBD products.
  • As the quality CBD products can be expensive, you should be absolutely sure that the product is truly having a positive effect on your symptoms before actually purchasing it.

When it comes to buying cannabis oil products, it is always better to be a cautious shopper. Most of the CBD products available in the market are unregulated. That’s why mislabeling and lack of quality is rampant. Make sure your product is of quality before you spend money on it.