Components due to which many people are denied for a Canadian visa of permanent residence


In Canada, several applicants are denied a permanent visa every year. Many of the reasons due to which this happens can be prevented if you carefully understand where you go wrong. Many components such as CIC doctors, criminal activities, not reaching on deadlines, etc. are the reasons why you’re denied a permanent visa. Here is a detailed list of the things that you might be doing wrong or the reasons due to which your visa gets rejected.

CIC doctors

  1. False report-

This happens when the applicant misreads the information given on the forms due to which they leave out the necessary information needed. You might not even know about this sort off factors which is why it is important to carefully go through every question and give the most appropriate information needed.


  1. Insurance and other healthy aspects-

If you want a visa for perm any residence then you are required to fulfill some needs set by the Canadian government. One of the main requirements is to get a medical checkup done only by the CIC doctors. The CIC doctors are known by the government which is why this factor is a must. Moreover, one of the reasons why your visa can get declined is if you have severe Heath issues. So get yourself examined carefully and then apply for a visa.


  1. Criminal charges-

Here, the applicant is thoroughly examined and their Criminal actions from the time they’ve been legal or from the 6 months prior to the visa application are recorded. Canada focuses on only giving permanent residence to people who won’t bring any harm to the country which is why they don’t offer residence to the people who might be a threat to the country. So if you have a criminal record in the past, ask visa advisers as to what can be done.


  1. Not submitting the application on time-

Due dates are taken very seriously while applying for a permanent residence visa. This is why one of the main reasons why your visa application gets rejected is because of the missed deadline. Hence, it is important to carefully organize your schedule accordingly so that you don’t miss your deadlines. This will for sure help you get one step closer to achieving the permanent visa that you so desperately want to get.


  1. Mistakes that are not made by you-

Sometimes, you might be rejected for getting a visa and it may not even be your fault. This happens in rare cases but is for sure a possibility. Although CIC is very organized, sometimes they can be faulty when they misplace your documents. In such cases, you’ll have to hire a lawyer and make a strong case against the situation. Hence, your application will be reconsidered then.


A few other components that may be the reason for your visa application rejection are not submitting enough documents or not being eligible for the visa application. Therefore, make a deliberate attempt to follow the above factors before applying or a permanent visa.